Southeast Michigan

Bringing the Healing Power of Play

to Southeast Michigan

We’re bringing the healing power of play to Southeast Michigan with our second location in Ypsilanti Township! Strong local interest, a robust philanthropic culture and access to world-class medical institutions played a key role in selecting the Ann Arbor area for our first expansion.

We have spent more than seven years developing our model and refining our expertise in psychosocial healing. Over the last two years, we have embarked on several key initiatives–from program expansion to insurance reimbursement and quantifying our positive medical outcomes– further establishing ourselves as a leader in the industry.

Progress Update

A Campaign for Fun

After an extensive quiet capital campaign, we are now entering the public phase with additional support opportunities available, including leadership gifts and general community support.  The expansion is broadly backed by the community, including: 

  • $2 million grant from the State of Michigan.
  • $1.25 million matching gift from The Jones Family Foundation.
  • Donation of property from Kalitta Air LLC and Kalitta LLC.
  • Assistance from the Ypsilanti Charter Township staff board of trustees, led by Supervisor Brenda Stumbo.
chc progress section piechart

Breakdown of Cost

There are many components that go into making the healing power of play possible. We’re grateful to the community of supporters who believe in breaking down the barriers of isolation and loneliness for families in Southeast Michigan.

  Furniture & Equipment $200k
  Programming $1M
  Launch Cost $500k
  Site work, Construction & Design $4.8M

Campaign Priorities

Our team and supporters are motivated to expand our unique solution to isolation and loneliness for families who have a child with a vulnerability to illness. Powered by the understanding that there are thousands of children statewide who deserve better, we are ready to write the next chapter of the Children’s Healing Center.


A complex medical diagnosis doesn’t just affect the child – it affects the whole family. At the Children’s Healing Center, we create an environment for each family member. Siblings are invited – and strongly encouraged – to attend programming. Parents and guardians have their own programs, allowing them to connect with other adults who just get it.

The Center offers the whole family a place to rejoin life, a place of refuge, a place to belong. Here, lives are transformed through friendships and connection.

When a child receives a complex medical diagnosis, it often comes with a long list of “nos.” No to playdates, no to school, no to field trips, no to fun. We reject the word no and create a “yes zone” for our members. Here, they can say yes to fun, yes to friends and yes to freedom. We offer them a rare opportunity to escape the confines of their diagnosis and just be kids.

We intimately understand how a life void of relationships and a general sense of community is detrimental to a person’s physical and mental health. By focusing on the social determinants of health of social isolation and loneliness, we are improving health outcomes for our members. By investing in community and socialization programs, we can relieve stress on our healthcare system and significantly reduce healthcare costs for families.

Campaign Timeline

The new location should take approximately eight to nine months to complete before the doors officially open. There are still opportunities for leadership and community-supported gifts.


There are many reasons we decided Ypsilanti Township would be the perfect place for our first expansion. Factors like strong local interest, a robust philanthropic culture and access to world-class medical institutions played a key role in selecting the Ann Arbor area. The Township staff were very helpful in understanding the zoning process and have been very welcoming as we begin to break ground on this new location. 

Our official opening date is dependent on construction, but right now we are on track to break ground on the new facility in April and hope to open our doors in Q1 of 2024. 

The new location will be on South Huron Street north of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office and across from Brinker Way.

The new location will be built from the ground up and designed to provide as close to a germ-free environment as possible. The 11,000-square-foot facility will have different zones, with plans right now to include areas for exploratory play, active fitness and art, plus dedicated spaces for teens, young adults, parents, a Café/Kitchen and a garden.

This is our first expansion! Our original site opened in 2015 in Grand Rapids. 

There are many opportunities to get involved at the Center and our new Southeast location!

Currently, we are still raising funds for this project. If you would like to donate as an individual or a business, please contact Lorrie Beaumont at lbeaumont@childrenshealingcenter.org. 

Organizations interested in partnering with the Center should also contact Lorrie Beaumont at lbeaumont@childrenshealingcenter.org. 

Additional information about volunteer opportunities will be available as the official opening of the center draws closer. 

View our general FAQ page here.