Who Qualifies?

We Can Provide Your Missing Piece

We provide a crucial missing component of the holistic healthcare puzzle by offering a place where kids with weak immune systems, and their families, can fulfill their social, emotional and physical needs.

The Center is open to ages 0-26 who are immune-compromised and their families. Our goal is to create a thoughtfully designed space for kids and their siblings to express themselves, interact socially and feel a sense of belonging.

We serve a diverse population of kids with medically complex conditions, including, but not limited to:

Autoimmune Conditions

Blood Disorders

Congenital Heart Defects


Kidney Disease

Neuromuscular Disorders


Rare Diseases

Whole Family

We are an inclusive facility designed for the entire family.

We recognize all families who come through our doors are dealing with trauma from a medical diagnosis and subsequent hospitalizations, surgeries, treatments and loss. We provide a safe space where all who have experienced medical trauma can be vulnerable, ask for and receive support, be listened to – and cared for – without judgement.

When a child has a serious illness or medical condition, siblings can feel like they are not a priority. We’ve created a space where everyone in the family can feel special. We also offer a place where parents can share their emotions, fears and stories with other families who walk similar paths to build connections.

Membership Costs

The Children’s Healing Center is cost-free for member families. We work hard to ensure membership is free to all qualifying children and their immediate family, made possible through generous charitable contributions and community support..


Hear from our Members & Providers

The Children’s Healing Center is a place I can be myself in every way, there isn’t a focus on what is wrong with me. It is a place that I can be a teenager and not be worried about what makes me different."



The Children’s Healing Center community saw the intensity of what we were dealing with and did everything it could to help. This group of incredible people allowed me to be there for my entire family which has been absolutely priceless.

Roseli Quakkelaar


The CHC is an incredible concept unlike anything I have seen before in my time as a physician. We know that illness is more than simply disease pathology, and the CHC promotes healing of the mind and spirit of children in a truly unique way. There is no question in my mind that the CHC has a significant impact on the health and wellness of patients and their families.

Dr. Ted Kelbel

Immunologist, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital