Amanda Winn, Executive Director of the Children’s Healing Center, is a Vita Collective leader with a passion for fun fitness, inspiring reads, and connecting with others over a big mug of coffee. We met up at That Early Bird for caramel lattes and a quick interview, read below to get to know Amanda Winn.

Q: What drew you to the Vita Collective concept?

A: I enjoy connecting with people who can relate to my personal cancer story. Outside of work, I get together with a group of gals who have also had cancer to share food and conversation informally. Vita Collective combines this gathering with the community we create at the Children’s Healing Center. When starting the Children’s Healing Center, the concept was geared toward kids and teens. Last year when the hospital talked with us about the need for a formal program focused on young I was excited to be part of something that integrated my story more closely. I think it shows God’s sense “You thought you were creating something for the kids you met, but I also want you creating something that would have benefitted you during treatment.” Even 7 years after treatment, Vita Collective is such a beneficial part of my life.

Q: I know you love to read. Do you have any book recommendations?

A: One of my favorite books is Love Does by Bob Goff. His challenge to live love through action and adventure is inspiring. Right now I’m really enjoying reading Shoe Dog, a memoir by the creator of Nike, Phil Knight.

Q: Describe your morning routine. How does a typical weekday start out for you?


A: My Fitbit watch buzzes between 5:20AM and 6:00AM. I grab some overnight oats and head to the gym for bootcamp, strength training, or yoga. Then I get ready for work, make a smoothie, and reflect on a devotional or daily passage. I head into the office, make myself a cup of coffee, and get started on work for the day.

Q: You’re an awesome cook. What dishes have you been whipping up lately?

A: I love combining pork or steak from Grand Rapids butchers with seasonal veggies from the farmers market – lots of parsnips, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts right now. I enjoy being creative with food and supporting the local vendors.

Q: Rapid fire bucket list:


  • Something you want to learn?
    A: To be a sommelier
  • Somewhere you want to travel?
    A: South France to visit the vineyards and castles
  • Something you want to try?
    A: Sailing

Q: What are you most looking forward to with Vita Collective this year?

A: I’m really excited to start adding in an exercise and fitness component. Also, growing our members! It will be awesome to get more people involved with this great group of young adults.

Come meet Amanda and the rest of our growing group at our next Vita Collective gathering on August 8, 2017 at 8:45pm. We are hosting an outdoor movie night with the UICA.

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