Links to Laugh At and Love On This Fall


We are stocking up on local, seasonal produce at the Fulton Street Farmers Market whenever possible. Think apples, hardy greens, sweet potatoes, and enough pumpkins to guarantee
Cinderella’s entire squad rides to the ball in style.

Pro tip: Get there early for the best selection of produce!

Look out for a full guide to the fall farmers market coming soon to our blog.


When was the last time you were bored with nothing to distract you – not even your phone? In this 15 minute TED Talk, Manoush Zomorodi describes our newly missing link between boredom and creativity.

“The average person person checks email 74 times a day and switches tasks on their computer 566 times a day.” Zomorodi makes a case for breaking the cycle by unplugging and forcing
your own boredom to jump start creativity.


Grab a few of your farmers market pumpkins and a box of thumb tacks to put
a modern twist on traditional decorating without the mess of carving.

Image Credit: Kelli Trontel


We can’t stop laughing at this kid totally trolling his mom’s attempt at showing off her sweet Cup Song skills.


Two words: Apple Cider. Another word: Homemade.

Get excited because Free People  has a simple recipe you can whip up in an afternoon without straining yourself. You will, however, be straining the apples at some point.

Image Credit: Free People Blog

What websites and wisdom are you loving lately? Let us know what you’re getting up to and what you’d like to see more of in the comments below.

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