It’s a word that we hear a lot and something that we might spend our entire lives searching for. Like so many others I struggled with the question ‘what is my purpose?’ To make an impact? To stimulate positive change? To help others? Yes.

After some soul searching, I figured out what that really meant to me: purpose = spread love. It’s simple really. The love you radiate and give to others is contagious to those around you.

There I was, fresh out of college working at a marketing agency. Love my job. Love the people that I work with – and yet I felt that I was missing something. Amanda Winn, founder of the Children’s Healing Center, approached ddm marketing with the opportunity to help support a mission unlike any other. To me that meant the opportunity to provide marketing support to help raise funds and make the dream of CHC a reality. ALAS! PURPOSE.

The Center and ddm team worked together to strategize fundraising opportunities and design promotional materials for donor events. With the selfless collaboration of Amanda, ddm and many other community partners; the Children’s Healing Center was born in September of 2015.

The experience began to feel bittersweet as I realized that my time with the Children’s Healing Center would be coming to a close. I was overjoyed to be invited by Amanda and her amazing team to volunteer at the Center once the doors opened. The rest is history (well technically it’s all history). I’ve been volunteering every Tuesday night since.

Spending the last 5+ years with these mini superheroes has been life changing. I’ve gained a heightened sense of understanding for those that are immunocompromised and a new perspective on life. This pandemic allows others to relate to the reality that these kids face every single day: isolation. The Children’s Healing Center gives these little humans a clean and safe environment to experience the healing power of play. I’m honored to be a part of the family of staff and volunteers that strive to support, love and have fun with every person that walks through the Center’s doors.

“I’ve gained a heightened sense of understanding for those that are immunocompromised and a new perspective on life.”

Small acts of kindness can change the world. Am I right? Thanks to all that took the time to read this – GO FORTH & SPREAD LOVE.

[insert mic drop]

Sarah Messer

Children’s Healing Center Volunteer

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