At the Children’s Healing Center, knowing how to have fun and help children heal through the power of play is what we do best.

Strict policies and screenings have always been crucial for our unique space to remain the ultra-clean safe place our members rely on. Our mission keeps us looking for ways to improve our space and processes – global pandemic or not.

Working with AMDG Architects and Erhardt Construction, we began planning a project in the fall of 2019 to further enhance our screening process: enclosing the covered area just in front of our current entry way, adding approximately 300 square feet to our screening area. The expansion provides an extra layer of protection for our members, accommodates our growth in membership, reduces congestion in our entryway and has the added bonus of helping us better adhere to physical distancing. Thankfully, we were able to fast-track the project last spring in the midst of COVID-19 as we were considered an essential service.

Construction began last April during the Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order. The project became a reality in part thanks to the Commercial Alliance of Realtors and Pridgeon & Clay, which raised funds for us to enclose the area, as well as in-kind help from AMDG, Erhardt, Dixon Interior Design and many generous subcontractors.

We were ahead of the curve when it comes to screening and use top-notch equipment to evaluate the health of those entering the Center, including taking temperature, answering health questions, wiping bottoms of shoes and washing hands thoroughly. What makes this new area such a wonderful enhancement in the protection of our members’ health, however, is its separation from the main building. Completely self-contained, this entryway includes its own doors and HVAC system, further strengthening our anti-germ protocols.

“What defines a truly great space goes far beyond layout and design,” said Amanda Barbour, executive director of the Center. “Its purpose, functionality and in our case, the security it brings are unmatched. When all those elements work together, it’s not just the extra space, but a crucial measure that helps our members feel more confident.”

When all those elements work together, it’s not just the extra space, but a crucial measure that helps our members feel more confident.

All those coming into the building must be screened prior to entering our program space. The air-tight, pressurized entry will not allow germs to move into the Center. Other additional features include three screening bays allowing for heightened confidentiality and a custom-built secure database to track member screening from each visit.

Although this project was planned prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are thankful to our team for always thinking proactively. This addition has further helped to ensure everyone’s safety and health by incorporating additional screening layers a we continue to practice physical distancing and recommended health protocols.

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