Our Team

Amanda Barbour

As Founder and Executive Director, Amanda is responsible for driving a long-term vision for the future, community and government relations and team development.

The CHC is more than an organization to her – it is a vision that was born from her personal cancer journey. Amanda combined past experiences with current talents and relationships to create a center she believes she was uniquely equipped to launch. This definitely was not part of her original plan – Amanda graduated with an Architecture degree from the University of Michigan and landed a job at AMDG Architects shortly before her Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosis. Armed with a dream – and continuing to work as an architect – she spent five years working with donors, families, supporters and the medical community to create the Children’s Healing Center. Amanda is committed to ensuring that children and their families have a safe, clean space to play and connect. Amanda has surrounded herself with staff members and volunteers who share that vision. She is excited to welcome families into what she sometimes refers to as “her baby” and hopes it will bring them as much joy as it brings her.

Amanda keeps a gratitude journal that she writes in daily. She believes in the importance of birthdays and celebrating life, and she enjoys inviting people to gather around her table for communion and nourishment. Her desire to deeply know people, love them and encourage them is a common thread in all she does.