Teens & AYA Movement

Providing Healing Fun At Every Age

Children’s Healing Center offers special programming for both teens and young adults to help foster new relationships rooted in shared experiences and provide ample opportunities for social gatherings and fun.


Our teen group is designed to build social connections with peers and engage in age-appropriate fun. Programming is offered throughout the year and built on the foundation of fun, socialization and support.

To register for a teen program, visit our member portal.

Adolescents Young Adults

The AYA Movement of West Michigan was founded in 2016 as a program of Children’s Healing Center by three young adults searching for connections with others going through a similar life-threatening diagnosis. AYA stands for Adolescents and Young Adults and is part of nationwide effort to support the needs of this population group.

Let’s Stay Connected

AYA hosts social experiences, shares resources and works to continuously develop a close-knit community of young adults doing life together and sharing empathetic relationships.

AYA Movement Upcoming Events

Want to Get Involved?

We would love to connect with you to share more about our teen and AYA programming and upcoming events.

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