My name is Taylor Wilson. Over the course of a year, I had the opportunity to fulfill different roles at Children’s Healing Center. It was a year that gave me many new friendships and made me grow into a better version of myself, because in each role I learned important lessons.

I started as a volunteer, and learned how important the benefits of play are for not only children, but parents too. I learned that a parent may get emotional seeing their child dance with a friend for the first time. I learned that all of the families have a different journey from one another, but they’re similar enough to relate and share experiences. I thought I knew exactly what I would see or experience, but not until I was on the “inside” did I begin to truly understand.

Miss Taylor with members of the 2019 Little Tots University class

Fast-forward to my internship a couple months later. During this time, I was given more responsibility and continued to learn a lot. Most importantly, I learned how to create a good lesson plan. I had to practice my creativity and during that process I got good at turning the most random objects into the coolest art projects. I also learned that nothing went exactly as “planned” and I would have to adjust my process accordingly. For someone who is a planner like myself, this was difficult to learn, but once I learned to go into a program with the realization that the children do not know what I had planned, a lot changed. In addition, there were times I reached out to community members or organizations, asking for their partnership in a program. I used that as an opportunity to really share what what our members through and why they are here. By telling these stories I was able to change someone’s perspective of their own life and that was special.

“I never could have imagined the difference the Children’s Healing Center would make in my life.”

Now, I am the Program Administrator. I began in March, which was a challenging time to begin my first real job as a recent graduate. Although, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I plan and execute programs, communicate with members, work in the member database/portal and explore other areas when working on special projects. You will most definitely see me around a lot, more likely running the Tween/Teen program or helping out with programs, such as Little Tots University.

Miss Taylor leading “Survivor” camp during her internship last year

While my role is a job, it feels like much more than that. Our family’s journeys have truly impacted my life in a way I never could have imagined. It’s important to remember how much just one conversation can make a difference for anyone. Although, for myself, it’s multiple conversations, dance parties, play sessions, crafts and much more. Oh, and I can’t forget to say how fortunate I am to work in leggings and a sweatshirt… just kidding… sort of. 😉

I came here to make a difference, but I never could have imagined the difference the Children’s Healing Center would make in my life. I am forever grateful for every person who has had an impact on me.