Interviewed by Administrative Intern, Kayla Quinn.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself, Jed. 

A: I am 13 years old. I enjoy going sailing with my family and being outdoors. Right now actually, we are at the Sleeping Bear Dunes on the lake at the bottom. It’s fun and so cool to see the dunes.

Q: You mentioned your siblings, can you tell me more about them? 

A: I am the oldest. Then my brother, Sylas; he is 9 years old. Sylas is why we go to the Center because he has kidney and immune system problems. My little brother Titus is 6 years old and my little sister Lily is 3 years old.

Titus, Marcie, Sylas and Jed

Q: Awesome. And what do you like to do at the Center?

A: I really like to play in the fitness area. Hockey games are always fun along with other activities we do outdoors.

Q: Do your brothers like to participate in those things at the Center too? 

A: Oh yeah. My brother, Sylas, had back surgery recently so we have not all been to the Center in a while. That’s been hard. Earlier though, we went and played soccer against Miss Sam. She got so into it and it was very fun. Miss Sam won a game and my family won a game.

Q: Well then it sounds like you need a rematch to settle it! I understand your also part of our teen program. 

A: Yes, I went to an art teen camp the other day. We got to paint a mural on the patio floor bricks. My friend from the Center, Luke and I got to paint flowers, trees, birds, and the sun. Luke joked that we are gonna come back over here when we are old and 80 and be like “remember those old days when we did this.” (*said in Jed’s best old person impression*)

Q: I like that. It sounds like you guys had fun. 

A: Yeah. I can tell people at the Center have fun because they are always laughing their heads off and they always come back. My friend Mark asks me after every time I leave, if I will be there for the next program.

Q: That’s a pretty good way to describe the Center. Is there anything else you would say to describe it? 

A: The Children’s Healing Center is a place where we can go that’s germ free. Kids who have been to the hospital can just have fun.

Q: What about if you only had three words to describe the Center. What would those be then? 

A: Hmmmm. I’d say fun for sure. Safe because it’s clean and we don’t have to worry for Sylas. And entrupreuing, like it’s a new and exciting place.

Q: Those are interesting words. Our founder, Amanda is actually the entrepreneur of the Children’s Healing Center. Is business something you want to do when your older? 

A: I already do it. I sell vegetables and flowers with my siblings. I like working because I get to interact with a lot of people.