My name is Kristy Irwin and I have worked here at the Center for one year as of November 2021. I am the Financial Manager and complete tasks including center expenses, budgets, deposits, and payroll. My educational background is in IT and International Business with a minor in French and I am grateful to be able to bring my experiences and education to the Center!  

Before being at the Center, I worked with an investment bank out of Chicago and then transitioned into being a stay-at-home mother for 12 years. It feels good to be back in the work force and I am so happy to be at the Children’s Healing Center!  

Even though I have only worked here for a year, I have been around the Center since its opening. I attended the first-ever Children’s Healing Center fundraiser event back in 2015. I have had the honor of watching our founder, Amanda Barbour’s, vision grow into what it is today. Following that first event, I have participated in many fundraising efforts and have been able to educate the community on the Center. I love the work I do here because although I do not work directly with the children, I know what I do has an impact on their lives and their families.    

COVID emphasized to the masses the importance of having a safe place to go where you can interact with others and build communities and be yourself no matter what is going on in your life. Prior to COVID, it was difficult to understand why families need this place and now it is relatable to everyone. People have more awareness of the need that is in our own community. I believe, along with everyone at Children’s Healing Center, no one should have to live their lives in isolation and I am proud to be a part of an effort that minimizes that life for some.