My name is Kaitlin and my son, Benjamin and I have been coming to The Children’s Healing Center for the better part of a year. Parenthood is easily one of the most challenging experiences a person can have. It’s pretty much a guarantee. When your child has different and/or special needs it becomes a greater challenge than anyone could have expected.

The Children’s Healing Center is one place we get to go where there are no expectations.

My son was born in the height of the COVID pandemic, which was scary enough in itself. However, when he was four months old, he started to have seizures and debilitating infantile spasms. This sent us on a journey of medicines, hospitalizations, tests, emergency room visits, and a whole new host of fears that didn’t even include being a first-time parent during a global pandemic. When my family was invited to come check out the Center, I decided to give it a shot.

The one thing I found immediately impressive was the lengths the Center and the staff went to keep kids safe and healthy. It gave me such a huge peace of mind to know that all the protocols were in place to actually make it a safe place for kids to be themselves and play without worry.

The staff from day one treated my whole family like old friends. They were never anything but warm and welcoming. They were always there with a smile and a helping hand. They sympathized with me on days that were difficult for Benjamin and cheered him on alongside me when he reached new milestones and achievements.

Last, and most importantly, The Children’s Healing Center is one place we get to go where there are no expectations. There are no tests, needles, diagnoses to be given, or goals to be met. This is a place that my child can go to just be. He is free to explore, imagine, and socialize in his own way, and on his own terms. A place with no other intention but to just be a kid and have fun. Our experience here has been wonderful. I am very grateful that a place like The Children’s Healing Center is here for kids and parents just like my son and I.