Gather your pals and pull on your competition pants because we are helping you host a game night!

Game nights can be held anytime, anywhere and are so simple to host. Grab some snacks, pour a few drinks and set out your favorite games to let the good times roll just like a pair of dice! Your friends will have a blast and you will, too.

Food always comes first in our book. You want to keep things simple and snack-y. Guests will be grabbing mid-game nourishment throughout the night and you won’t be stuck in the kitchen all evening!

You can’t go wrong with chips and salsa but mix up this party standard by offering other easy options alongside this classic.

Slice up some seasonal fruits and veggies (or grab a platter from Meijer) to serve with your favorite dips and crackers. The trick is to display it all on a cutting board and in real bowls rather than still inside their plastic containers.

While you’re in the slicing mood, consider offering a few meats and cheeses for the carnivores in your life. Summer sausage and cheddar are a classic pair, especially when served with a dish of olives and some chewy bread. Or go for hunks of parmesan with thin ribbons of prosciutto and melon slices! There is no way to lose with the meat plus cheese equation.

Don’t forget to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth! Take the easy route and pour your favorite candies into different bowls or go full Martha Stewart and bake up some special treats for your pals. Either way, a grabbable dessert will round out your simple snack table perfectly.

The second and final (we told you this was simple!) step in hosting the perfect game night is selecting your games. We suggest having a few options on hand. A deck of cards goes a long way with any number of people. Sequence, Apples to Apples and Jenga are crowd favorites that are sure to please while CelebrityCharades and Password don’t require anything more than pens, paper and pals!

Start up your favorite playlist and send out a mass text because this is the perfect last minute party theme for you to throw tonight! Let us know what games you love in the comment section below.