The winter months can make going outside and being active difficult. Luckily, there are some winter activities and motivational tools that make it easy to keep your New Year Resolutions and to stay healthy and happy. The American Psychology Association states that a stroll in the park or a day spent in the snow has been linked to a multitude of positive outcomes! 

What are the benefits of staying active outside? 

Here at the Center, we understand the importance of play and how activity can improve not only physical health, but also mental wellness. Getting outside and active was a part of our Mental Health Matters campaign back in October of 2021. We offer as many outdoor activities as we can because we understand the importance of quality time outside and its benefits for our health and wellbeing.  

Our team spending time outside for our Mental Health Matter campaign

One great tool to encourage you and your family to get out and be active is the “1000 Hours Outside” global movement. This movement aims to get kids away from screens and outside to enjoy quality time and the environment. Their website offers inspiration, words of encouragement, resources like creative hour trackers, and more to help you and your family set aside screens and get outside! 

Here is an example of an at home tracker of hours spent outside for you and your family! 


Whether it’s hitting the slopes, building a snowman, or taking a short walk, we encourage you to get outside and get moving!  



Sourced from APA and 1000 Hours