March is the month of LUCK and we at the Center certainly feel like the luckiest of them all! We are so lucky to have the best members, volunteers, team, board members, and community of supporters. We are lucky to create memories and build community amongst each other.  

Our members enjoying a painting program with a community partner!

Our members fill our hearts with joy and make what we do matter. We are so lucky to serve the best members out there! There is a special bond created here that lasts forever and is crucial to the families we serve. Being a member means knowing you are not on your own and that you share experiences with other people.  We are fortunate enough to provide a network of community and understanding across members!  

“There is an immediate connection and understanding with the other parents that is hard to find elsewhere.” -Member Dad 

Talk about luck of the draw with our outstanding volunteers! We are beyond lucky to have an incredible team of over volunteers who dedicate their time and talent every week to help us provide Good. Clean. Fun to our families. They are the foundation to making our programs engaging, exciting, and equitable for all of our member families.  

A volunteer helping out at an art program!

“We all LOVE the Children’s Healing Center and are so appreciative of every employee & volunteer for their time spent and the love they have for the families that walk through the door.” – Member Mom 

To our community members, we are so fortunate to have such amazing individuals behind our families and our team. The time dedicated to guiding our organization through leadership, joining programs to make it unique for our members or donating money to support our programs is something we are forever grateful for and lucky to have! Thank you for serving us so well!