Our names are both Kaitlyn. We are High School volunteers at the Children’s Healing Center. When asked by the Center to write a blog post we were excited to share our story of how this experience has impacted us as people and created new long-lasting friendships.

I could not have asked for more out of an internship program. With COVID, operations were quite different than normal, but we were able to adapt. The most important part of working at the center this summer was being able to make a plan, and still be flexible when the plans changed. I had the pleasure of planning three themed camps this summer; Animal Antics, Pig in a Pancake, and Art Every Day. Each camp was different to plan, and I learned what worked, and what didn’t as we completed each camp. I also interacted with a variety of age groups at each camp. The camps would not have run as smoothly without the support of the CHC staff and volunteers. The CHC was a place I was excited to be a part of, and I loved being a member of their team.

Kaitlyn Greer volunteering at a program last year

My name is Kaitlyn Greer and I am currently a senior at Coopersville High School. This past year, I heard about an ambassador program at the Center. Being a member of this program, I learned more about the Center and what they do for kids with health concerns. I ended up volunteering and loving it: the kids, the volunteers, the staff, the positive environment, everything.

“Seeing these kids have fun in a place where it is safe for them, is inspiring. It has really changed on how I view things.”

Seeing these kids have fun in a place where it is safe for them, is inspiring. It has really changed on how I view things. Some of these kids that come here can’t do everything I can do; I have the freedom to go wherever I want and I don’t have to worry about my health. I have learned not to take these things for granted. Through volunteering at the Center, and interacting with these kids, I know I want to help kids through my career. The Children’s Healing Center not only has helped me determine my career but has also given me some friends, like Kaitlyn Seymour.

– Kaitlyn Greer

Kaitlyn Seymour volunteering for a program last year

My name is Kaitlyn Seymour and I am currently a junior at Forest Hills Eastern High School. I heard about the center through a staff member that was my former Preschool teacher. I have been volunteering for four years now. During my years at the center, I have become a member of the high school ambassador program and have been able to have leadership roles during camp weeks.

Being able to have responsibilities for caring and meeting the children needs, it showed me how much they have to fight for their own life at such a young age. I am very lucky to not have to deal with a circumstance like theirs. I am able to do what I want when I want with not having the feeling or questioning “Am I going to get worse or sick?” This experience has made me be able to do things I wouldn’t have thought I could have achieved. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and tried out for your top choir at school and made it. I was able to face my fear of singing in front of people from trying out for our school musical and being on lead mic. I have been able to improve my conversation skills which have helped me to develop long-lasting friendships like Kaitlyn Greer.

“This experience has made me be able to do things I wouldn’t have thought I could have achieved.”

Even though we have both taken different approaches on how the Center impacted us, it has helped us grow as human-beings. Not only has this impacted us as people, but we have been able to learn the meaning of friendship through the Staff and the children.

– Kaitlyn Seymour