My name is Maggie Carey and I have been the Administrative, Marketing, and Development Intern for almost a year now! I have had the pleasure of working under Melissa, our Director of Development and Growth, on community outreach tasks, planning and execution of fundraising events, grant writing, and recruitment of volunteers. I also work with others around the Center to help support the mission proving Good. Clean. Fun. for our community. 

I am in my Master Program at Grand Valley State University for Public Health and completing a health promotion and education emphasis. Public Health influences all that we do, the Covid-19 pandemic has opened societies’ eyes to a small portion of this amazing and broad field. The first week of April is National Public Health Week and for 2022 the theme is “Public Health is Where You Are”. The programs offered at the Center is a perfect example of Public Health right here in our own community! 

Last year, I challenged myself to find an organization that provides a Public Health service to a population I have little experience with. I have never worked with kids or a nonprofit before and I thought the Childrens Healing Center would be the perfect match. Public Health aims to improve individual and population health by making our communities healthier, stronger, and safer! We are everywhere and this summer I was able to throw on some Mickey ears and see it firsthand for myself! 

Through my internship, I have witnessed how isolation and loneliness, which are Social Determinants of Health (SDoH’s), impact a child’s mental and physical wellbeing in addition to their medical complexity. Public Health focuses heavily on how SDoH’s influence our health outcomes and we evaluate what resources can be provided in the community to alleviate any negative associated outcomes from any of the 5 sectors.  The Center aims to alleviate negative outcomes from isolation and loneliness for children and their families.  

CHC is an AMAZING resource in our community that provides so many great things to help our most vulnerable in the population. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a great mission. I am thankful for the experiences I have had and those that are to come! Thank you CHC for being an amazing entity to the community and its health!