The month of February is a time to celebrate the love we have for ourselves and those around us. This month we ran our “WE LOVE” project to express our gratitude and love for those who make what we do possible. We ran a series of social media posts and some activities in the Center to show our appreciation and spread LOVE! We are so thankful for our volunteers, program partners, referral partners, healthcare workers, and our community of supporters. Our mission of Good. Clean. Fun. carries on in our community because of the efforts of others.  

In our volunteer lounge we had over 40 hearts up on the wall, each bearing the name of a volunteer who dedicates their time to our Center members and families. Miss Deb, Kelsey, Cheryl, and Ella wrote on their hearts and shared their gratitude for each and every volunteer we have. We thank our volunteers for making a difference to kids of all ages here at the Center and send them lots of LOVE! 

Up front in our check-in area we invited families to write what they love about the Center on hearts and display them on the windows for anyone who visits the Center to see. Many of our members wrote on how much they love playing at the Center and seeing their friends at programs. We are proud to provide a germ-free space and see the power of play in motion every day.  


Why spread love? Love and kindness can help others mental and physical well being, as well as your own! One simple act of kindness or expression of love can make someone’s dark day just a little bit brighter. We spread love and kindness every day here at the Center and we challenge you to go out and express your love to friends, family, or anyone this month! Need some ideas? We came up with a list of things you can do to express love, kindness, and joy.